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> Is really Gregorian Bivolaru the number one enemy of the Romanian secret services? (1)
  by Mihai Vasilescu The media intoxication – not just in recent days but in the previous 25 years – is trying to convince us that Gregorian Bivolaru is the enemy number 1 of Romanians and Romania. Harassed assiduously by authorities, splashed with hatred and insults in...

> Is really Gregorian Bivolaru the number one enemy of the Romanian secret services? (2)
by Mihai Vasilescu   Read the first part of the article   The resistance of the yogis against the Securitate`s repression is, according to the scientist Gabriel Andreescu, an unique phenomenon in Romanian communist period. Th

> Is really Gregorian Bivolaru the number one enemy of the Romanian secret services? (3)
by Mihai Vasilescu Read the second part of the article The involvement of secret services in the case of Gregorian Bivolaru is pretty obvious if we consider that the verdict of conviction given by ÎCCJ for "sexual act with a minor", in the situation in which the...

> MISA celebrates 25 years of successful activity
  by Monica Dascălu In January 2015 the Association MISA celebrated 25 years of existence. From its founding until now, this association which till now still has only 20 members led to a large-scale spiritual movement, which has no equivalent in Romanian...

> Again in the center of attention: the Christ operation
About the occult significances that unmask those who commanded the sizeable action against MISA and against Gregorian Bivolaru. By Maria Nicola   The postponing of the decision in the Gregorian Bivolaru case (now being judged at the High Court of Cassation and Justice)...

> Urgent Message from Grieg
My dears, Please read carefully, a few times, the article at the end of this message. You can see that at the level of the solar system the events intensify. Now the time has come for us to take our hands out of our pockets and to stop shrugging our shoulders, and to stop saying in...

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> 13 JulyMounting tensions between NATO and Russia. Putin Prepared For World War III As Russia Evacuated 40 Million People