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Films: The autorities abuse against MISA yoga students

1. Shocking declarations of those abused by the gendarmery and police during the raids which were made in an extremly violent way at private houses of yoga practitioners.

Download Film    (15 Mb, film encoded with divx 5.1.1, winrar archive)
Download subtitles: English, Francais, Deutch

2. False charges for arresting the yoga teacher Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru.

Download Film    (8 Mb, film encoded with divx 5.1.1, winrar archive)
Download subtitles: English, Francais

3. The distrait of Madalina Dumitru, the crown witness in Gregorian Bivolaru trial. The violent action of the gendarmes at the Medicine Institute.

Download Film    (7Mb, film encoded with divx 5.1.1, winrar archive)
Download subtitles: English

4. Abuse, terror, violence. The denigration of MISA campain leaded by romanian autorities.

Download Film        (3,42 min, 5Mb, film encoded with divx 5.1.1, winzip archive)
Download subtitles:

5. International meeting in Bucharest on 3rd may 2004 for protesting against the abusive breaking of human rights by the romanian authorities regarding MISA.

Download film    (8 min, 240/180 px, 11Mb, film encoded with divx 5.1.1)
Download film high resolution (8 min, 500/400px, 140Mb, film encoded with divx 5.1.1)
Download subtitles: Romanian, English

6. MASS-MEDIA - campaign against MISA

Download film    (23 Mb, encoded with divx 5.1.1)
Download subtitles: English

7. Who is afraid of Gregorian Bivolaru?
Download film    (23 Mb, film encoded with divx 5.1.1)
Download subtitles: English

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