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Elements of Karmic Astrology
Ancient astrologers have assigned the four elements of earth, water, fire, and air to better characterise the signs of the zodiac. This is not by chance, as it was typical of their vision of the cosmic world. Each group of three signs reveal a basic feature in human individuality. These zodiac groupings are:
  • Earth signs: TAURUS (the Bull), VIRGO (the Virgin), CAPRICORN (the Sea Goat)
  • Water signs: CANCER (the Crab), SCORPIO (the Scorpion), PISCES (the Fishes)
  • Fire signs: ARIES (the Ram), LEO (the Lion), SAGITTARIUS (the Archer)
  • Air signs: GEMINI (the Twins), LIBRA (the Scales), AQUARIUS (the Water Bearer)
Due to the creation of determining forces formerly induced by us in our past, our present destiny was retained within a cycle generated by the subtle spheres of force of the planets. Our soul chose the right moment in this cycle to reincarnate into a body. Everything we have done, whether good or bad in our past lives is crucial in this choice. Intuiting all this, we understand that at times we have to make amends in order to be forgiven for some sins or faults committed in other lives. On the other hand, we can also be accordingly rewarded. For example, possessing physical beauty or being very harmoniously developed, is often a "gift" that is deservedly granted. It can be seen as achieved through merit for those who in their past lives have proved themselves loveable, kind, large-hearted, thoughtful, generous, and unselfish.

The elements of earth, water, fire, and air specifically imprint a particular karmic mark on the personality. The ''choice'' to be born with the Sun in one or another zodiac sign is related to a most profound karmic tendency, which in turn, is closely bound to the lesson we had previously decided to learn through this present life.
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