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21st June - The International Day of Yoga: LOY 13th Year Anniversary Webinar
LiveOnlineYoga FREE New Events
LOY Celebrates Its 13th Year Anniversary
21 June 2018, 09.20 - 10.50 GMT/ 12.20 - 13.50 EEST
21 June 2018, 15.30 - 19.10 GMT/ 18.30 - 22.10 EEST
The International Day Of Yoga, 7th Live Edition Online

Dear friend, you are cordially invited to celebrate with us, the 13th anniversary of LiveOnlineYoga, during this season's new series of events (webinars, courses and celebrations) that are being offered, free of charge! 
         On this paramount occasion, The International Day of Yoga - 21st June 2018, you will rejoice in the 5 hours practice of Integral Yoga within the LiveOnlineYoga community and in unison with thousands of yogis from our international school.  This will be the 7th live edition of the online celebration of the International Day of Yoga. 
S tudents of all backgrounds are invited, present, former, as well as novices!

EVENTS SCHEDULE (Access links included): 
A limited number of seats are available for this webinar. Please reserve your seat now by writing us an email to:  liveonlineyoga@gmail.com 

The 13th anniversary of LiveOnlineYoga is a spiritual milestone and we would like to express our gratitude, from the bottom of our hearts, to all those who have helped and supported us, over the past thirteen years! 
The International Day Of Yoga - 21st June 2018
The 7th Edition 
Webinar AGENDA - 5 Hours

Please find out more about the different yoga techniques and meditations from our schedule on the links included in the body of text below (please Google translation if necessary). 

I. Event opening: 15.30 - 15.50 GMT/ 18.30 - 18.50 EEST
II. Practice: 
  • 09.20 - 10.50 GMT/ 12.20 - 13.50 EEST: HIATUS moment of the summer solstice
  • 15.50 - 17.30 GMT/ 18.50 - 20.30 EEST: HATHA YOGA 
    • A session of  warming-up exercises and 12 ASANAS
  • 17:30 - 17:45 GMT/ 20:30 - 20:45 EEST: HAM-SA BREATHING
  • 17:45 - 18:00 GMT/ 20:45 - 21:00 EEST: A complete yogi RELAXATION
  • 18.00 - 18.14 GMT/ 21.00 - 21.14 EEST: A global EMBRACE meditation
  • 18.15 - 18.18 GMT/ 21.15 - 21.18 EEST: CONSECRATION of YANG spiral meditation (2)
  • 18.19 - 18.22 GMT/ 21.19 - 21.22 EEST: Inner smile technique 
  • 18.22 - 18.30 GMT/ 21.22 - 21.30 EEST: "Heart of the world" PRAYER
    • Spiritual communion with the soul of Planet Earth
    • Download link
  • 18.30 - 19.00 GMT/ 21.30 - 22.00 EEST: The MEDITATION annually performed in a YANG spiral in the celebration of The International Day of Yoga
    • The new theme of this celebrating meditation is the ineffable splendor of the mysterious supramental shell VIJNANAMAYA KOSHA
  • 19.00 - 19.03 GMT/ 22.00 - 22.03 EEST: A smile for our blue planet
  • 19.03 - 19.10 GMT/ 22.03 - 22.10 EEST: Meditation of GRATITUDE to God the Father
III. Dialog

International Day of Yoga Logo
On 11 December 2014 the United Nations adopted a resolution (co-sponsored by more than 170 Member States) to commemorate the International Day of Yoga.
As coordinator of this project, ATMAN - The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation invites individuals and students from all yoga schools worldwide to join in love, acceptance and spiritual union in celebration of this special day, which coincides with the Summer Solstice on Wednesday 21 June 2018.
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Students Testimonial: SAMADHI in a LiveOnlineYoga Class 
My dear colleagues and friends, I would like to add something new to the effects of vijnanasana practice, as I have recently had the surprise and joy of a new stage in this practice when a recent session of Vijnanasana ended with a spontaneous state of samadhi. On Monday February 26th, I took part to the recuperations for the practical class. The practical session was extra special for me, as I was coming back from a small convalescence I was open towards experiencing everything that is wonderful in every moment. I was thus assimilating with great delight the subtle energies, notice them how they are distinct with each new posture and that made me both happy and grateful at every step. I was profoundly internalized and aware of a special pleasure that exuded in me at every vijnanasana phase of the postures - the fact that I was deeply relaxed, abandoned to the will of God in every moment that was now.
At the contemplative part of the posture, I was especially attentive towards this spontaneous natural abandonment that was there present, almost as a small abyssal fall, a "death", a disintegration of all that I had been second ago, like a stripping away of limits that I was happy to leave behind, entering into a sui generis melting and delicious disappearance into infinity. At the final relaxation I have became globally aware of how the whole physical body was now deeply relaxed, and then when I wanted to perceive the global subtle expansion, I suddenly felt into this sublime state of infinite, an all-encompassing, unique and endless state, melting into this gift of Grace that had surfaced completely unexpected ... I was living a state of all-encompassing transcendence and sublime infinite unity, all limitations were gone - I was the unique oneness. I experienced this state disappearing drunken into happiness, and in that moment the thought of "I am in Samadhi" appeared. I think this was probably the last individualistic thought ... I melted deeply happy into the beatitude of this sublime liberating state that is very difficult to capture in words. The next day I told Virginia about it, I told her I was very happy and there was nothing else to say. And it was true. Once entered into this state, it is unlikely that you have anything to say or make any description, and no such thought appears to you. The more you remain or re-enter in this state, the more you have nothing to say.
When I have consecrated to God to share this experience with you, after the affirmative answer, in the course of the next few days certain words have appeared gradually by themselves so that it is now possible for me to describe part of the perfume of what I have experienced and some of the effects that are still present. 
During these moments, I have experienced the ecstatic certainty that I am free and infinite, that there are no barriers, that for me there is no other destination or action needed, that there are no inner or outer borders, no limits, that there is no perception of time, there are no polarities nor expectations, everything is beatitude, profound peace, immeasurability, fulfillment and ecstasy, all of which are infinite - timeless, infinite and complete. In this land there is nothing else to do. Coming back from this state, I felt how this experience has transformed my existence into a form of grace that overflows into everything that there is - as a grace that pours inside me and then completely spills over onto the outside  - even though there is no distinction between inside and outside...
Our inner life, often without suspicion, takes place centrifugally, consciously or unconsciously, it is always driven mechanically outward. In this state, any centrifugal motion ceases completely. Actually I have perceived myself as the center and simultaneously the circumference and everything that  exists between them. In this state I do not have any desires, aspirations, opinions, ambitions, regrets or comparisons, there are no mental contractions or mental impressions, psychic or emotional pendulums, or any kind of action - I live free, fulfilled, infinite being the perfect Divine unity. 
I have noticed both now as well as in other occasions how, when I have experienced modified states of consciousness that are deeply uplifting and intense, they mysteriously impregnate to some extent in those of my immediate vicinity, becoming diffused throughout my life and into the relationships with others. In addition, the feeling of profound Divine peace and unconditional unity with everything that exists, remains awake, and these days I experience it with open eyes looking at nature, animals, people I love or whom I meet for the first time. I perceive how I consciously take part in the divine game, feeling how everything is sacredly united; I perceive the situations of life being evidently intertwined, clearly beyond space and time. 
I have noticed this week that the hurry has faded and even disappeared from my life - especially the need to act or react mentally in many directions - much less action takes place - and remains re-adsorbed deeper into the mystery of the present moment. The impulse to conclude and to speak has minimized. At the same time, new spiritual aspirations awoke in myself - among them those to contemplate and to meditate more - and which I fulfill with happiness and abandonment.
I observe with gratitude how God acts and helps us mysteriously when He calls us to Him. When we respond positively to this call, He "takes care" to re-organize our outer duties - job, telephones, social obligations so that life as complicated as it may seem to be, begins to flow ever more fluidly and harmoniously, and we we become its contemplative witness. Whoever was due to visit us cancels with an excuse, the phones that were supposed to call- have not called anymore, it was snowing all over the country and nobody wanted to travel anywhere, all the rush of life has been postponed for a non-time and the mysterious "problems" that I thought I had to resolve urgently, disappeared or resolved effortlessly and on their own.
I am delighted because the new impulse - towards the small inner melting that I have discovered during the vijnanasana session - has remained impregnated in my soul and I continue to dwell into this refined pleasure to disappear free of my own thoughts, concerns and limited personality, to spontaneously undress of my limits; I feel that an almost voluptuous sense has awaken in me "to die" in many daily drops ... especially as I have now discovered how this death is a preamble that melts me into the infinite ecstasy. 
I am deeply grateful to God and to Grieg for this Divine grace, which I feel is correlated with the tapases I have during this period and I think it has also been galvanized by the supporting spiritual integration of the course which I have attended ... exceptional vijnanasana sessions I have enjoyed before, but this has been the first to be so beautiful and easily crowned by the spontaneous living of a state of Samadhi. 
Probably it was not by chance that the day I sat down to write this testimonial for you, I have received a saying by email which read: "Dwell in the Divine.  Live and move in it.  Get absorbed in the Divine Flame.- Sri Swami Sivananda"
I embrace you in the happiness of the heart " -  
I.C., a 18th year online student, UK
half Lord of the Fish pose
LiveOnlineYoga Classes Open in September
Our spiritual platform is for the yoga beginners as well as practitioners who are bound by the limitations of a busy life, children, business travel or long commutes, that keeps you away from your yoga classes. Live integral yoga classes all in the convenience of your home or your home away from home, wherever you are with internet access. The curriculum of the LiveOnlineYoga classes follow the one year programs of the largest yoga school of Europe - MISA (Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute) taught live, in weekly scheduled classes online under the watchful eye of a well trained yoga teacher. The LiveOnlineYoga students also benefit from the opportunity to review classes from their previous years of study, to recover the missed classes for both the practical part as well as the new lessons and to rejoice in the uniqueness of a private online community. In addition to the special classes designed for the online environment, we offer to our students the possibility to join for FREE, spiritual celebrations and events in unison with their colleagues from the various local yoga centers of our international school.
The LiveOnlineYoga platform keeps students informed about the local events of our school worldwide: camps, workshops, artistic and spiritual events and warmly encourages them to attend whenever they can. Please register via email at liveonlineyoga@gmail.com
Upcoming FREE Live Webinars and Celebrations
Both yogis and novices are welcome to attend the LiveOnlineYoga spiritual events and join our international online community: 
  • 21 June 2018: The International Day of Yoga Access Link
  • 6 October 2018, The Opening Festivity for the LiveOnlineYoga Classes Access Link
  • 13 October 2018, The Opening Festivity for the LiveOnlineShakti Groups Access Link
  • 28 October - 4 November 2018, The Angels and Archangels Week Access Link
    D etails to be announced.  Limited number of seats available!

The LiveOnlineYoga students also have the possibility to attend integral yoga webinars especially offered to them only and FREE of charge!

Please reserve your seat now by writing us an email to: liveonlineyoga@gmail.com  
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