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"Those who use the wisdom of Hatha-Yoga, and aspire with all their heart to get beyond human limits, will become and stay powerful and pure. For this reason, they will live to an advanced age and will always have thriving health and great vigour."

Yoga Prof.
Gregorian Bivolaru

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> What is YOGA?
YOGA is an extremely complex spiritual tradition, having a history older than five thousand years. It possesses a very rich and extensive literature. YOGA is what we traditionally call "the knowledge of liberation". We all seek, consciously or not, to rise above the limited notion of what...

> Yoga For Beginners
 This series of articles is meant for those who step in the Yoga tradition curiously, but they seem not to understand all the terms in the columns. It also refers to those who would practice Yoga but they are not completely clear with it, or maybe they have joined the Yo

> Yoga and ...

> Yoga Practice

> YOGA postures (ASANA-s)

> The Energetical Physiology of the Human Being: Subtle Bodies. Centres of Force, Energetic Channels

> Yoga for Advanced Aspirants
This section is oriented to advanced aspirants of yoga. Please refrain from applying any of these techniques unless you are advanced enough in the yoga practice and/or you are supervised by a competent yoga teacher!

> The Moral Code and Ethics in Yoga

> Simple Yoga Techniques

> Karma Yoga
The Yoga of daily life By Gregorian Bivolaru Translation from Romanian: Rodica HarabagiuFinal correction of text: NATHA,Copenhagen, 1999 Table of contents:

> The Yogi Meditation

> Divine Inspired Texts
  Most of the time, each religion maintains superiority in face of the others, not taking into account the fact that there exists a infinity of modalities, methods and ways to reach the Truth, to reconnect to the Supreme Source. Thus, to the absolute way, spirituaility does not...

> Yoga and Christianity
“People do not live on bread alone, but also with the word of God.” Jesus

> Know yourself through Yoga

> Testimonials of the yoga practitioners
      The honest testimonials of the yoga practitioners that have had the openness to share with us their spiritual states and realizations are found in the following pages. They are published as they were written by the respecti

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